Felsina | Felsina Cup
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Felsina Cup


  • We want sport culture to be GLOBAL (think global act local)
  • We aspire for the best and would like to be TOP PARTNERS


  • 2019 City of European Soccer Championship Under 21
  • A metropolitan city of mediaeval origin with the most arcades in the world
  • City of Food ( Huffington Post – Vogue )
  • Motor Valley (Ducati, Lamborghini and Ferrari)
  • The world’s oldest University


25 – 28 April 2019

The FELSINA CUP promises from the outset to be, for first players, the most engaging and unique tournament.

The event will involve players born both in 2006 and 2007.

Felsina Cup will take place in Bologna from April 25th to April 28th.

32 clubs will participate, divided into group of 4 each.

The “FELSINA CUP” will be a tournament of international character, moulded by experience obtained during the Enjoy Cup during the past 5 years.

The participation of international professional teams is expected.

Professional Clubs will participate with boys born in the 2007 while amateur will participate with boys born in 2006.

The FELSINA CUP will be held in three different sport centers in Bologna (each with a synthetic grass pitch) under the auspices of the Enjoy Sport and Felsina Football Club.

The first teams that have joined the tournament

Partner Initiatives

The organizing committee, at the request of the Club, promises to offer money saving deals for the accommodation of the families of the athletes involved and the teams are guaranteed hosting in four and three star hotels. Special surprises for young players will come … ask more and keep informed !