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Football school, school of life!


Football school, school of life!
Felsina Calcio was created on May 10th, 2017 by 7 willing parents as an educational sports project aimed at combining sport and education to support personal growth.
Family, School, and Team: the perfect attacking trio to score with the ball of our future!

After the experience of our first summer camps, we began by taking over the via Calda facility for 13 years: a seven-a-side size pitch, which is then also divisible in two five-a-side pitches.

We enjoy saying that our first facility – the via Campa pitch where we began our journey – is our home, as well as the home of the whole Felsina Calcio family!
And a house must be welcoming, lively, full of light, cosy.

In only 2 months, thanks to a great deal of enthusiasm, sacrifice, and determination as well as to the help of many supporters, the playing field, locker rooms, benches, inner and outer fences and the green area have been completely remodelled. This was done with the goal of providing our kids with a modern training pitch and their families with a welcoming place where they could pass time and mingle.

In September, after only 4 months after opening, we started the enrolment process for the Felsina Calcio Football School’s very first season: which was a huge success!
150 members and 8 teams competing in local, provincial and interprovincial FIGC and UISP championships.

In October 2017 we had the honour of getting a visit from the major sports broadcaster SKY and of meeting the 1982 World Champion Beppe Bergomi.
This is our short story up until now.

We want to dream big, we want the best for our children and we will do anything to make our dream a reality one day!










Our colours are red and blue! We love these colours: they represent our own city, our memories, the legendary 1964 scudetto. Football as a passion: our symbol reflects the meaning of old-fashioned football with a ball made of leather marked by a prominent stitching. We want to be represented by old-time football’s values of healthy sportsmanship.






The Felsina Amateur Sports Club’s main objectives are fostering and spreading a healthy sports culture, capable of positively influencing the children’s personal, scholar and athletic growth, and a focus on merit inside and outside the field, based on clear and concise rules shared with the parents.

Felsina is not run for profit: incomes are reinvested in the development of the project itself.

These regulations comprise a series of rules that members and parents undertake to respect.

Each member must maintain at all times a line of behaviour and an attitude in accordance with the Club’s founding principles and to the objectives above stated. They must be considerate of teammates, supervisors, managers, opponents and Federal bodies.

The same behaviour is expected of all parents and relatives of the children enrolled in the Football School.
Art.1 AGE

All boys and girls born between 2002 and 2012 can sign up for the Football School.



Pre-applications to the courses can be made from June 1st, 2017 to august 31, 2017. To enrol, it suffices to fill out and sign the dedicated form and hand it in directly to our Administrative Office in Via Calda 2, Bologna, together with a deposit of 70 euros. Opening days and time schedules will be made available. Otherwise, the payment of 70 euros can be done online and the form can be sent via email to, together with the bank transfer receipt.

After this period, it will instead be possible to enrol in the courses through the application form. The recommendations for the delivery of the form and for the payment are the same as those for pre-applications.

Applications will be closed once the maximum quota (fixed by the Club) of 22 members will be met. This limitation is implemented in order to guarantee the seriousness and quality of the activities.




The enrolment fee for the 2017/2018 season’s courses is the following:

€ 380 per capita;

The fee must be paid in a single instalment before September 30th, 2017.

The enrolment fee includes a sportswear pack, which must be collected from the Macron Store (the Club’s technical partner) in via Stalingrado 2, Bologna, only after having submitted the dedicated voucher to the Administrative Office during the enrolment process.



Lessons will begin on Monday, September 25th, 2017 and will end on Friday, June 8th, 2018



The calendar with the final schedule of the courses will be posted on the message board located at the pitch. The schedule of the calendar is at the incontestable discretion of the Club and it cannot be challenged in any way.

Lessons, which last 90 minutes, can be suspended for festivities and during Christmas and Easter holidays, concurrently with school holidays.

In case of weather judged unfitted for training sessions, the coaches will decide whether the lesson will take place or not.

By signing these regulations, parents accept eventual variations in days and time of lesson due to weather-related problems and technical and athletic events.



The sportswear pack includes:

1) 1 official Club’s tracksuit

2) 1 training tracksuit

3) 1 windbreaker

4) 2 training kit (t-shirt + shorts)

5) 1 pair of socks

6) 1 sack/backpack

7) 1 neck warmer



During the enrolment process, each child will sign an annual membership to the FIGC, which includes the type insurance coverage required by the current Federal laws.




The current legislation states that to practice sports at an amatorial level, children from 5 to 12 years old must possess a medical certificate attesting to a healthy and strong physical constitution. Members turning 12 years old during the season must produce a certificate stating athletic fitness for football. This obviously also applies for those already older than 12 years old.



1) 2 photos (passport size).

2) Certificato Plurimo Contestuale containing birth, family and domicile in simple paper for athletic use (the Federation doesn’t deem valid any kind of self-certification).

3) Signature of the member and both parents (or whomever exercises parental authority) of the Federal card for those born between 2004 and 2008. In that regard, we emphasize that the Federation, in case of legal separation, foster care, etc., requires a copy of the document attesting parental authority.

4) A copy of this document signed.


The Amateur Sports Club Felsina exempts itself from any accountability in case of theft or damages sustained inside the sport facility or locker rooms.

Parents and/or their representatives must:

– Always accompany their children inside the Sports Centre and hand them to the coach on schedule with the training sessions (children cannot be left at the entrance of the facility nor can they access the playing field before the arrival of the coach),

– Come pick them up where they accompanied them (entrance of the playing field) at the end of practice,

– Promptly contact the handlers of the Football School in case of tardiness, communicating to them the time necessary to manage their setback. In this case, a handler of the club will stay with the child until the arrival of the parent and /or of their representative to guarantee the safety of the child.

The Club is not responsible for any type of behaviour that does not follow the above-mentioned rules. Consequently, the parents who will not respect these rules will be responsible for the eventual risks that the pupil may encounter.



Felsina will select an adequate number of Chaperone Managers, mainly chosen among the parents of the children enrolled in the Football School. These Chaperone Managers will follow the instructions of the Football School Managers and will have to be at least 1 for each team.


Parents and all members are encouraged to take note of the following notes, which have the sole goal of guaranteeing a serious and correct conduction of the Club’s activities:

1) Members who have signed the annual Federal card with their parents cannot sign another card in the same sports season. The penalty is the referral to the Sports Justice Bodies of the Italian Football Federation and subsequent disciplinary actions.

2) Each member/footballer represents the Amatorial Sports Society Felsina, and is thus obliged to behave with the utmost seriousness, correctness and loyalty, always taking inspiration from the founding principles of the sport and of the Club itself.

3) Each member/footballer is obliged to always behave politely and be respectful of others, both through language and manners. Everybody must be greeted, scurrilous language shall not be used, and profanity is especially prohibited. Teammates and opponents must always be respected. Disrespectful actions and behaviour will be sanctioned.

4) Each member/footballer must maintain a correct line of behaviour, in accordance with the rules of politeness, in the locker rooms, at home and on away games. Any kind of inadequate behaviour will be sanctioned and compensation for eventual damages will be required.

5) The athletes, to safeguard their own personal safety, must not wear rings, wristwatches and earrings at all times, both during practice and friendly or official matches.

6) Each member/footballer must always play following the rules, respect fair-play and never engage in foul play. They must accept every decision taken by the referee, even when they do not seem fair, avoiding admonitions and expulsions due to protests, which could be sanctioned by the Coach and by the Club. It should be pointed out that only the captain can communicate with the referee, and only with the proper manners.

7) Each member/footballer must always treat the opponent with the utmost respect, without ever underestimating them and always winning with modesty and losing with dignity. They shall never insult anyone and always avoid any provocation to prevent useless arguments. They always greet every opponent at the beginning and at the end of each match. They treat the referees, coaches and rival managers, as well as their teammates, with respect and are always considerate of those around them.

8) In case of continued rude behaviour and / or of little commitment, any member/footballer can be temporarily or permanently removed from the team.

9) Academic performance is an integral part of the Felsina socio-educational and athletic project. The athlete must be a committed scholar and achieve results consistent with their parents’ expectations. In case this didn’t happen, the Club, in accordance with the parents, could decide to implement disciplinary measures. Academic performance is always put before the athletic and technical aspects and on this subject the Club is uncompromising.

10) Every activity offered by the Club (events, tournaments, matches, assemblies, etc.), must be attended, respected and honoured.

11) The start and end time of practice must be rigorously respected, considering that the minutes lost at the beginning of practice can’t be regained at the end.

12) When it is impossible for a member to attend practice, it is their responsibility, i.e. their parents’, to promptly alert the Coach.

13) Each member/footballer must keep up with and respect the convocation schedule provided by the Coach regarding every match, event, etc.

14) The player summoned for the match will have to be present at the established time and place. In the event of being unable to attend the scheduled match because of undelayable and justifiable reasons, the athlete, that is the parent of the minor, will have to promptly alert the Coach or the Chaperone Manager possibly within 24 hours before the match or, in any case, whenever they might become aware of the problem. It will be discretion of the coach to call another player.

15) Regarding away games, the departure from the set meeting point will take place not over 15 minutes after the scheduled time. Athletes will have the choice to reach the destination with their own means, after having received the Coach’s or the Chaperone Manager’s authorization.

16) Each summoned member/footballer must show up to the events or to official and friendly matches wearing the official Club’s tracksuit, which is mandatory for the entire duration of the season, and with the equipment necessary for the match.

17) Each player must show up to practice with the gear provided by the Club at the beginning of the season. Except for some specific instances authorized by the Club, it is forbidden to practice wearing equipment different from the one described in Art. 6 of this document. Therefore, any lost approved item must be repurchased by the member.

18) All kinds of disturbance or technical-athletic interference by members’ parents or relatives are absolutely prohibited. This applies to: convocations, positions, placement in different groups of the team, actual periods of play or any other matter related to the technical relationship between the Coaches and the members. Parents and/or relatives not behaving in line with the Club’s requirements can incur in disciplinary measures, as stated in Art. 15.

19) Parents or relatives behaving in unsporting or rude manners, deemed damaging to the image of the Amateur Sports Club Felsina, during practice or matches will incur in the same disciplinary measures.

20) No parent or relative can enter the pitch during practice/matches/internal competitions, except for authorized Chaperone Managers.

21) Entrance to the locker rooms is allowed only to the parents of members born between 2009 and 2012, both at the beginning and at the end of practice, due to sanitary reasons and to avoid turmoil and gatherings.


Felsina carries out educational activities with the following aims:

– Helping in the athletic growth of its members, which must be carried out in a healthy environment, monitored by trained instructors,

– Encouraging and enhancing the children’s passion for football,

– Contributing to the shaping of a type of personality that does not equate failure and defeat with an ensuing lack of confidence, but with the ability to judge where the error was made and, consequently, to better one’s abilities/performances,

– Giving everyone the chance to receive gratification for what they do, dosing the difficulty both during practice and competitive events, to avoid exasperation or requests of more demanding performances. Every choice is made in a context of awareness of the members’ abilities and is as balanced as possible,

– Fostering the growth of “team spirt”, crucial on the pitch as well as in the children’s future lives.

Felsina communicates with its members and their families through the following official channels:

– Web page

– email address provided to the families during enrolment

– email account:

– Facebook/ WhatsApp: through the coaches of each corresponding activity

– Message boards: located in the facilities

Parents will be able to confer with the Administrative Office according to the schedules pointed on the message boards.

For details regarding the carrying out of the Football School activities, or in any case judged fit, parents can request a meeting with the Club’s Managers by setting an appointment beforehand.

Art. 15 Disciplinary measures

Anyone (child or parent) who were to violate these rules (all those laid down in Art 10 and 12), could incur disciplinary sanctions such as suspension from the activity or removal from the Felsina Amateur Sports Club. This removal does not, in any case, envisage the repayment of the fees, not even partially.



Regarding everything not included in these Regulations, please refer to the regulations provided (even subsequently) by the legitimately established social bodies, to the Civil Code and, when not conflicting with the mentioned policy instruments, to the Bodies of sports promotion or Federations to which FELSINA is a limited-liability affiliate and to the CONI regulations.

These rules and regulations must be accepted by the members, i.e. by one parent of the minor, and shown to all the Club’s Managers, Coaches, and Associates.

In order to guarantee the highest visibility, it will be posted on the web page and displayed in dedicated spaces.

It can be altered at any moment by the Club itself. In that case, all members and their families will be promptly alerted.


Bologna, 30/09/2017


The President,

Alberto Verni